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God Is On The Move

There is a MIGHTY move of God happening at Covenant Church and throughout the world right now. He is moving in a way to reveal His glory by performing miracles, signs & wonders in His people. We are so thankful that we are part of this move and we want to hear about the miracles, signs & wonders that are happening in your life. Our purpose in creating this page is to simply document all the works that the Lord is doing. We give God all the glory, honor and praise for His mighty acts and the documentation will only go towards increasing the faith of others so they too will know that they are able to receive their miracle, sign or wonder that they've been seeking for.
Your able to fill out this form to document your miracle, sign or wonder our document your testimony of what God is doing in your life! Please feel free to share as much as you'd like to and know that this information is going to our trusted team. We praise God with you and we celebrate with you! All glory to God!