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GriefShare - Grief Recovery

GriefShare is a program here at Covenant Church that is every Tuesday night at 6:00pm. This program is for anyone that has experienced the loss of a loved one. GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. We will join in with Celebrate Recovery in the Glendale Pate Education Center accessed through the downstairs entry and eat dinner together. Once dinner and announcements are over we will split up and go into our separate groups. This program is on a 13-week cycle. Each session is self-contained so you don’t have to attend in sequence and are able to jump in at any time, so you can come any of the weeks you are available to help you with your journey. We would love to have you and help you through this process. 
We meet in the Glendale Pate Education Center every Tuesday night at 6:00 for free dinner then split off into our class in Room 104, free childcare is also provided for 6th grade and under. Grief is not something you have to face alone, we are here for you to help bring your mourning to joy.
We also get together for fellowship sometimes outside of the classroom. A lot of times the easier thing to do is to be able to be around people who can relate to your journey, especially if your loss is recent. We love you and are here for you however we can help and enjoy having fellowship with one another as well. We can assure you that you will feel our love and the comfort of the Holy Spirit when you attend. This group is led by Glenda Jenkins, Carol Driver and Janet Parker. FMI or questions please contact our church office at (903)683-4509.