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Our Story

Where Covenant Is Now

Pastors Jeremy and Bri’Ann Driver began pastoring Covenant full-time in July of 2020. They serve with passion, integrity, energy and the love of Jesus Christ shining through them. We are so grateful for the work of those who went before us and paved the way for CCOET to be what it has become. This is a place for you and your family to grow, learn, develop and be continually better! We would love to have you join us on Sunday morning. 
Pastors Jeremy and Bri'Ann Driver

How it all started...

Sr. Pastors Jan and Susan Pate
Covenant Church of East Texas, intimately referred to as CCOET, is a work started under the leadership of Sr. Pastors Jan and Susan Pate. Bishop Thomas Elton Pate, Sr. and his wife Glendale Pate, the parents of Jan, began building their ministry in Rusk in 1963, which later became First Church on the Hill under the direction of Jan and Susan in 1997, and is now known as Covenant Church. Our Sr. Pastors have now turned the full-time pastoring over to their daughter and son-in-law, Pastors Jeremy and Bri'Ann Driver.
We were able to give away 575 FREE BBQ plates to our community! Thank You Jesus!

Expanding the vision...

We work to serve our community throughout the year. We hold several events where we give food away completely FREE. This also gives our city the opportunity to meet us and get to know what we stand for and believe in.  We love this city and this is exactly what our church was founded on, love for Rusk and the surrounding community. We believe in servanthood and serving your local city and community to spread the love of Jesus Christ. 
We know there is a food shortage in America and with prices being so high we are blessed to be able to bless our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ with free pantry items, occasionally fruit, vegetables and meat. Times are tough right now, so let us give a helping hand to you and your family. Our pantry food giveaways are not on a regular schedule, just check our Facebook page for a post. Pantry giveaways are always given out on Friday's.

Where we are headed...

We know God has BIG things in store for Covenant Church of East Texas. We are committed to following Him and bringing more souls to the Kingdom of God. We have a vision to reach as many families as possible and help each family live the purposed life they were designed and created to live.

We are His hands and feet and are called to witness the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is good news! From equipping people and their families, to helping them take the next steps in their walk with Christ, we are here to love and support you until He returns.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together